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    Singer-songwriter Don Tomlinson wrote his first song in the 4th grade. Titled “My Girlfriend,” it is the only song he ever wrote that did not survive the passage of time (i.e., he can’t find a copy of it and has no idea of its words or melody…). Since then, he has written more than 400 songs (and you can believe he has all of them…).

    Beginning in 2014, he undertook an extremely ambitious recording project in Nashville, still continuing, that has to date resulted in more than 300 highly-produced master sound recordings, all of which are available for sync-licensing and other uses through Americana Music Publishing. He wrote most of them solo, but about a quarter of them were co-written with more than a dozen other songwriters.

    His influences date to the Roots Rock of the 1950s and 60s, the Classic Country of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, and the blues, R&B, Americana, adult contemporary, soft jazz, and pop that have grown from the myriad musical roots planted in the 50s and beyond. “Eclectic” would be a good term to describe his writing style. He is truly at home in all these genres. He writes lyrics with uncommon fluency, and his memorable melodies reflect the style of the song. In short, he writes beautiful, timeless ballads, uptempo rockers, and everything in between.

    As a performer, he was the lead vocalist in his first rock ‘n’ roll band as a teenager, picking up keyboards and acoustic guitar along the way. While he has performed in many rock and then country bands over the years, he is most comfortable performing solo in the vein of singer-songwriter (using the tracks from all his Nashville recordings, he is a virtual one-man band). He performs regularly anywhere anyone will let him play (clubs, private parties, etc.). His rich baritone delivers. He is at once a crooner and a rocker. Nowadays, he divides his time between Nashville and Houston.

    He also is an author. His latest books are “Desiderata The Book” (desideratathebook.com) and “God Rains Miracles” (about to be published), which he co-authored with country singer and television personality Irlene Mandrell. The book concerns all the miracles that have been visited upon the Mandrell family and their close friends and associates over the years.

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    Don can be reached at 615.310.7767 (text/mobile) or at don@solidsterlingmusic.com.

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