• Red And White Blues
    Mike Plume

  • Red And White Blues - Mike Plume

    Produced by Mike Plume with Steve Donnelly.
    Recorded Steve Donnelly at Ten Volt Studio, April 6-12, 2013
    All songs written by Mike Plume
    This album is for Jenny O and Ruby T.

    The MPB are...
    Anastasios Basiliadis: Drums, Percussion and Vocals
    Benjamin Wilson: Bass and Vocals
    Mike Plume: Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals.

    Without further ado...
    Ryan Barwin: Pedal Steel and Dobro
    Tom Pechloff: Piano and Accordion
    Keith Snider: Fiddle and Banjo
    Jason Anderson: Vocals
    Steve Donnelly: Vocals
    Ray Harris: Vocals
    Lefty McRighty: Vocals

  • Tracklist

    01. Coming Home Again (Hey Hey What D'Ya Say) - 04:26
    02. Live It up Until They Lower Me Down - 03:22
    03. Five Crow Silver (Montreal) - 03:22
    04. Goodbye Summer - 03:49
    05. Thunder Bay - 04:21
    06. Through Another Town - 03:31
    07. Red and White Blues - 04:28

    Released: June 4, 2013