• Song And Dance Man
    Mike Plume

  • Song and Dance, Man - Mike Plume

    Recorded in April of 1997 at Beta Sound Recorders in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Produced by Marek
    Mike Plume- guitars.
    Ernie Basiliadis-drums and vocals.
    Derek Mazurek- bass guitar and vocals.
    Dave Klym- guitars and vocals.

    Chris Plume- vocals on "Simplify".
    Trish Wight- vocals on "Alcohol".
    Marek Forsinski- keys on "Silver Lining" and mellotron on "Oblivion".
    Don Klym- accordion on "Alcohol".
    Neil MacDonald- vocals on "Girl In Green", "Take Me With You" and "Oblivion".
    Robert Tycholis- vocals on "Silver Lining".
    Dave Babcock- horns on "Take Me With You".
    John McPherson- horns on "Take Me With You".
    Bob Tildsley- horns on "Take Me With You".
    Lin Elder- percussion on everything.
    Ross Damude- guitars on everything but "Rich Man", Oblivion" and "Alcohol".

    All songs written by Mike Plume (SOCAN/ASCAP)

    This was the beginning of a crazy crazy time for us.
    20 years down the road and it's all kind of a haze to me now...
    From August of 1997 to November of 2000 we played, by my count, just shy of 800 shows.

    Insane. Unreal. Mind numbing.

    Anyway, “If There Ever Was A Fool” was the first song written for the record. It was written in November ’93 the week “Songs From A Northern Town” was released. The rest of the songs were written between March of 1996 and April 1997. The last song written was "Silver Lining". The music was written during pre-production and the lyrics were written in the studio ten minutes before we recorded it.
    Probably the best song I’ve ever written. "...Oh the years they ain't been too kind to you, but then again, they ain't been kind to anyone I know..."
    Mike Plume

  • Tracklist

    01. Rattle the Cage - 03:34
    02. Something to Say - 03:24
    03. If There Ever Was a Fool - 03:53
    04. Girl in Green - 04:57
    05. Wind at My Back - 02:53
    06. Alcohol - 03:43
    07. Take Me with You - 04:41
    08. Oblivion - 05:15
    09. Simplify - 04:01
    10. Rich Man - 03:19
    11. Silver Lining - 06:36

    Released August 1, 1997