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  • Grayowl Point Review – Todd Stewart's Everything You Want

    Todd Stewart is no newcomer to the Canadian music scene, even if his EP, Everything You Want, is his first solo release. Most recently of the WCMA Roots Group/Duo of the Year winner, the Northern Beauties, Stewart is once again taking his music in a different direction. On his first solo foray, [...]

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    Vote For Jay Gilday - My United Way Voice Contest

    The Top 10 artists have been chosen, and now it’s all up to you. A huge thank you goes out to each and every one of the artists who submitted this year. You proved once again that talent runs deep in the Alberta Capital Region. We are so grateful and honoured that you shared your voice against [...]

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    Success Continues For The Dead South

    Plain and simple, the music industry is a business. While many musicians may dream of stardom occurring by being in the right place at the right time, the reality is that success in music stems from many grassroots ideals. Organization, education, networking and a hard work ethic are all common [...]

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